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   In the text field enter the word you want to translate; Press the [Enter] key. If the phrase starts with some of '"', '+' or '-', then Advanced Search is performed. To switch dictionary, click on dictionary logo (image).

   The Advanced Search means a search for your query through the whole dictionary. As instruction characters in your query you may use '"', '+' or '-'. Examples:
     +go +in means: search for 'go' and 'in'.
     "go in" means: search for 'go in'.
     +go +in -out means: search for 'go' and 'in' but without 'out'
   A more complicated example, which is not useful, but describes the possibilities available:
     +"go in" +come -"enter in" -walk +"run out"

   If you don't have cyrillic support, then you may use UPPERCASE roman letters to enter the Bulgarian words (PHONETIC/QWERTY layout). Examples:
     L|LQK equals to люляк ([ljuljak], English "lilac")
     ~A{A equals to чаша ([tSaSa], English "glass")